Sunday 6 June 2021

 Hello Readers!

Today, I give you two pages of Flight Of Fancy... not just because they might go together, but because it might be someone's birthday! WHOO HOO!!  Well done!  You've lasted this long, you may as well keep going - yes, I am talking about reading this comic!

Page 52



Page 53

As mentioned, these pages go together and complete the argument / discussion in this scene.

The challenge on the first page was to keep the space between the people looking the same as it was shown in previous pages, showing the people who are talking while carefully, subtly framing out those who aren't (Amar) to not crowd the shots. That first page turned out really well, dynamic, strong poses, character moods and attitudes are clear.

I didn't want to go on and on with this argument (which I can do when writing dialogue) - I wanted to end the argument on page 53.

As you know, I haven't written any of this down, when I get to doing a page (or panel), I'm in the dark.  I have a notion about how it is all going to go, but that's about it!  YIKES!  Not the best way to create a seamless, streamlined story. But for this page I did have to write out the dialogue to get it to work, and I think it does. It flows nicely and is punchy.

I like how Dave (with his old-man attitudes) has obviously stepped in it and can't dig his way out, and Fancy helps him out while at the same time asserting herself. It ends quite strongly.

The drawings on this page just aren't as strong... too bad. Alas, they work so I left them.

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  1. A birthday shoutout on this site -- I'm famous!

    And I like what I see on these pages. Good conflict and nice moment for Fancy. That last drawing of her is very nice and assertive. A very aggressive pose and I LIKE IT!

    Illustrated Ghost


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