Sunday 13 June 2021

Putting in the Time

 Hello Readers, birthday celebrants or otherwise!

Just one page today... or is it!  Let's see!

Page 54

We're only on page 54, but (finally) I feel it's coming together, at least on this page, it is! Sometimes you just gotta put in the time, I guess.

The drawings are good, different, distinct characters, good poses and the layout successfully shows Fancy boxed in by her co-wokers' comments.

Perhaps you remember, I wanted to get through this sequence. I want / need Fancy to get back to Lawrence (Mr. Russell to you, I.G.!), but how?!

The page was going to start with this really sweet drawing (above) that took a while to do, but I thought it was too boring - I didn't want to bore the audience. So I nixed this drawing and forced myself to carry on the discussion in that same location longer but with a slightly different theme.

Did I manage to make something interesting happen? Is something "Wow"-worthy going to be revealed on the next page? How will Batman get Robin out the the Penguin's Porpoise Poison Pool?!  Stay tuned till next week when all (non-Batmand related material) will be revealed... somewhat!


  1. It's all good. Good dialogue and very well drawn characters. I really like the way Fancy is the tough and realistic one in the group.


    But I LOVE that "checking the time" drawing that you nixed. Too bad it had to go. That is one VERY well drawn panel!!!!

    Illustrated Ghost

  2. Yeah, I felt the same way about not using that image... but then again, it can "live" here in this blog!

    About that drawing, I had to draw and redraw my own hand a bunch of times to get it looking right! Notice the interesting rectangular watch?! OOH, and the nice shading.

  3. It's a nice watch and nice shading but it's that hand that is just plain excellent.

    I don't know how you could ever dump a drawing like that! Maybe you could lay it over the page, showing us that Fancy is watching the time, not interested in work and more interested in the guy?!!!

    Illustrated Ghost

  4. No post this morning?

    What's your excuse, Mr. Creator? Let me guess - your retina fell off or something?

    Illustrated Ghost


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