Sunday 30 May 2021

Steaming On

 'Alo 'Alo! Here we are, another week on (these ones seem to be going fast), and another installment, wait... TWO whole pages of Flight of Fancy!


 Page 50
















Page 51

Why two pages? The action carries on well from page 50, and I wanted to show the rising tension.

I really like most of page 50.  That first "friendly" panel of pouring coffee and chatting is good, even the dialogue about Mom's floor feeling greasy or something... what's that about? 

I like Amar's posture in the 2nd panel - he looks pretty self satisfied.  Also, as a side note, I think their different body types is interesting and helps make them each more distinct. 

Ah, and the last panel with Fancy being a bit evasive. Hmm...might I be trying to keep a few idea threads dangling?

I really like how (on page 51), Dave isn't going to move on... Something's gotten under his collar and he's not going to let it go.  

The 2nd panel on 51 is good - I'm not wild about Fancy's drawing there - she looks too young, but then again, it shows her feeling insecure, which was the desired effect. Dave and Amar look good.  I wasn't sure about the composition because it feels a bit too calm, but then Dave's pose breaks that sense. 

Speaking about Dave, he is a bulldozer and keeps driving on to make his point. He's confident enough to not speak about something he doesn't know, but then again, he's sure he smells something foul.  Watch out Fancy!

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  1. I like it it! I like it all!

    They're all well drawn and Dave is pretty cool. I really like his 3/4 angle in the second last panel =-- you nailed it!

    The only problem I have is the place where Fancy was stationed --Kaleidestan? You made that up, right? I know that used to be done all the time in fiction, so as to not upset anybody, but I think people always use real places these days. I think you maybe should pick a real place.

    A minor point (feel free to ignore it!).

    Illustrated Ghost


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