Monday 24 May 2021

Keep It Moving

 Hello Holiday Readers!

Get out there and enjoy the mandated holiday already... but after you've read this week's installment.

Page 49

Maybe you don't remember but waaaaay back on page 15 when Fancy was in hospital, I did a drawing of a hospital exterior and then nixed it because I thought we needed her in war zone field hospital instead. Well, here's that original design redrawn and used here. I didn't have to redraw it, but felt like doing that, and I sweetened it up a bit.

I really like that 2nd panel.  It was a bit tough to get the characters close enough, to show the hospital bed and do it in a reasonable perspective - I really didn't want to draw it from Mom's feet. I think it worked well here.

And 2nd last panel... I HAAAATE that drawing. But I did such a good one on the previous page, I figured I could fix the drawing if I return to cleaning this thing up. It just doesn't look like her, the proportions are off... it's hard to describe, but it's just wrong.  

But I took a page from your book, IG, and just decided to leave it and move on.

And that's probably a good thing because...

I've been fighting with a painting for a LOOONG time.  Ok, maybe fighting is the wrong word.  I did a cool drawing, and thought it could be a fun painting, so I used a projector, traced it onto a canvas, and started painting, but got hung up on it.  I wasn't sure about the colours (what else is new), and haven't been able in my mind to get back to it.  

I like the brushwork on paintings, and of course, the way you can smear tone and colour together, but I hate the mess and the cleanup, so I use acrylics, but I hate the waste-age, of which there is a lot. I kept wondering if it was possible to make (yes, make, what else is new that I'd wonder that!!) paint pens.  But wouldn't you know it... they do exist!  I got a few and a have revisited the painting. They're actually really fun to use.

Let's hope these things help me move it forward!

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  1. It's kind of funny that you never like any of the panels with the mother -- when they're all pretty great panels! This one is no exception, I think it looks fantastic!

    The whole page is fantastic - ooh, look at that fancy hospital!

    But forget all that -- look at that painting! VERY cool image, even more cooly rendered! I love your loose, blotchy stabs of paint. They give it an airy, dynamic look and your colours are distinctly Wood-ian.

    Paint pens?!!! What the heck are those?!!!

    Illustrated Ghost


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