Sunday 2 May 2021

Staying on Model

 Hello Faithful Reader!  Yes, it's probably only you I.Ghost who reads this, but... Hello!

Yes, I missed posting last week.  I've been wasting my time doing work! On WEEKENDS no less. Ho.  But NO MORE... at least I hope not much more, I have some work to do today, but then that's IT!!! until Monday, that is.

But here you go!  TWO pages!

Page 44

Page 45

Page 44 has a bit of story "house cleaning". I needed to wrap up the test match sequence, which is why Fancy is thanking everyone for their efforts in the middle panel as well as set up other things (romance is in the air?!) and finish the page with a slight question - why is Fancy rushing off? 

It's kind of a boring page, but I felt we needed it, and the artwork is serviceable.

I really like page 45 though. A nice establishing shot (I like the simple shading below the roof), the sense of too much quiet with Fancy standing in the aisle (I wonder what / who could she be waiting for or hoping to find?!).  The 2nd last panel is really nice... nice drawing, the character looks like I want her to look.  And the last panel is also really nice and feels quiet, perhaps sad.  Oooh, and I tried to do a bit of a visual metaphor there by leaving one shopping cart standing alone, perhaps just as Fancy is alone.

Sometimes I draw Fancy, and she looks perfect, and other times she's off model. Sometimes the drawing hand complies, sometimes not. If I ever ink this thing, I'll have to be more diligent about that. I had an idea of creating 2d "puppets" of the characters in a software called ToonBoom Harmony Premium, but that might be TONNES of work for not much gain. I'd learn a bunch, but man... workload!

Somebody say work?! Gotta get back to it!

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  1. Page 45 is boring?!!!!

    Page 45 is the best page you've done so far -- by far!

    There's a lot of quiet drama there and the frames are perfect. You tell the story without the need for any words at all. It's small and quiet but it's fantastic!

    Illustrated Ghost


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