Sunday 9 May 2021

Catching Stride

 Hello Dear Readers.

Wow! Another installment of Flight Of Fancy, and even posted on Sunday!  WOW!

Page 46

And what's another wow, is we're on page 46!  Holy Toledo, that's BIG... at least for me.

I like how this page turned out. I like the design and action in the first panel, and somehow it looks like a little toy car in front of a toy house.  Not sure why it gives that effect but I like that and I like drawing things this way.

Panel 2 is really good. It was tough drawing Fancy's arms folded over the steering wheel, as well as drawing the interior car so it looked right. I've done this before and it is too easy to be too exact and in doing so it can make the inside of the car look both too big and too deep. 

Panel 3 is funny, what with Mom (same eye design as Fancy), trying to fix her daughter's super short haircut. Fun poses there.

And I like the last image of Fancy - I think it is a good drawing, and, like last week's installment, the character looks right there. 

This page flows well from the previous, the dialogue is fun and reads well, and I think is believable. I know you don't know, but take my word for it (or come back next week!) this page flows well into the next. I feel like I've caught my stride, and about time, eh?!  We're only on page 46 after all!


  1. Everything you say is right. This page is very good and you HAVE hit your stride. You're making it seem effortless at this point.

    One little thing?

    This is not a drawing or layout thing but a story thing. The way you've written this page, it seems obvious that Fancy's Mom is about to introduce her to the guy she's already fallen for. That's great and I hope that's what's about to happen -- but it's too obvious. This could be a moment where Fancy and the audience groan, thinking Mom is about to set her up with a stiff -- and that would make the final reveal that much sweeter.

    All you'd have to do would be to tweak the dialogue and change Fancy's expression in the last panel -- make her concerned.

    Yes? No? Am I totally off base and is Fancy actually going to be set up with a stiff? I guess I'll find out next week!

    Illustrated Ghost

  2. Dang. I thought I'd done as you suggested, but obviously didn't.

    I will change her expression and add a *GROAN*.

    Looking at it here, you don't really know what's going to happen next, and I'm wondering if I should revise the next page! HMMM...

    Since I've already done the next page, I could make this like a choose your own adventure...

    GASP... Has there ever been a choose your own adventure Graphic Novel?! OOH, is this a creative opportunity raising it's huge and complicated head?!

  3. Hey, don't listen to me if you don't want to.

    Buuuuut.... I seem to have guessed what's coming next and that isn't necessarily good, is it?

    As for a choose your own adventure graphic novel -- what a great idea! 50 times as much drawing! Yay!

    Illustrated Ghost


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