Sunday 18 April 2021

Out of Bounds

 Good Sunday Evening, Readers!... or whatever day you may be on when you read this.

We've got another exciting instalment (page) of Flight of Fancy, and, for your viewing pleasure, the scan of the page before a bit of work was done on it!  Yah, yah!

Page 43

When doing this page, I think I was tired of drawing the jets as simple outlined shapes and very little shading and wanted to do something better, also, I had a pretty clear idea of what I was going to draw, which, of course, improved the quality of the drawings and composition.

So what do I like? I like a lot of this page. I like the drawings which clean, and clear, especially panels 1 and 3 - good action of the pilot climbing down the ladder and the angle of the guy on the right.

I like the camera movement, as it slowly backs away as Marcel (the angry guy on the left) moves toward the camera throughout the scene. I like how we see Fancy getting out of the same jet and then standing beside Mr. Trash Talker. The drawing of the two in the bottom panel was too small so I couldn't draw the faces, but still I think you know who's.  And I like the banter, and how Marcel isn't at all amused.

I've included on this post an image of the original page as it was scanned.  As you can see I had to move things around a bit.

Everything is there as was in the trimmed version you see at the top, but you can see I had to move things around a bit. On the first and last panel, you can see my framing wasn't quite right so I had to adjust it. 

I. Ghost... what did you call Photoshop?!  The "sanity saver?!"  Oh yeah.  


  1. Photoshop is a life saver! I LOVE it!

    And I love this page almost as much! Good drama and emotion. I really like the way Marcel is drawn and I like Fancy in the last frame.

    One funny thing -- you talk about the movement of the camera but I didn't get that all three frames were one shot. I can see it now and it'll probably come across even better in the final version. One thing that might help it, is making Marcel the same size in all the frames, so he's constant (even if we crane down to end on his feet) and everything else is relative to him -- you know what I mean? That miiiight give more of a feeling of one moving shot.

    Excellent work as always - keep it coming!

    Illustrated Ghost

  2. Keeping Marcel the same size throughout is a good idea, and would help to make the camera move more obvious... but I like how it is now with Marcel walking toward the camera... Growing bigger, but yet diminished! OOOH, it's tough!

  3. Hey, if the camera move doesn't totally come across to the average viewer (or sub-average, like me) -- who cares? The page looks pretty great as it is!

    Illustrated Ghost


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