Monday 15 February 2021

By Way of Exposition...

 Hello and here we are again, with another page of Flight of Fancy.

Page 27

I hope you can read this, I know the text is a bit light.  

And we're back in the board room, discussing how the review process is going to go. This is really just boring bit of exposition that I felt we needed so that audience (that's you, Mr. I.G.) would know how the story is going to unfold.

The stories I like best are ones where I (think) I know where the story is going and then *YOINK*, something happens and the story goes where you didn't think it would and then you, as the audience, are trying to just keep up as the story gallops along. I am trying to do just that.  Let's hope it works. As well as, yes, IG, making Fancy a bit more active. Dang, that's so necessary.  Double dang.

I like that first panel, I feel like I'm in the room with the characters, their poses show character pretty well too.  I like Amar's design (the tall skinny guy).  When I first drew him a few pages back I didn't have a design, just let my pencil do what it was going to do, and voila, there he appeared.  He is distinct from the others, and his name makes him doubly so.

Looking at this last panel and Amar's description, I think I might need to alter it as I have decided A and B will "test" each other twice, back to back, then B vs C twice, back to back, and then C vs A twice, back to back. 

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  1. OKAY!

    Forget the art, forget the design -- the story is KICKING IN!

    I see where you're going and I like it. These tests are gonna be great and fun. I cannot wait!

    Hey, one thing you could take from ol' Hollywood - you could up the stakes for your hero with just a little dialogue tweak, here and there. Maybe, just maybe, you might want to have a few people question Fancy's capability. You know "I request that Fancy be replaced. She can't properly fly anymore", things like that. Then she gets a big redemption moment. You've hinted at this a bit already. Maybe you want to take it a bit further?


    Very psyched for where you're taking us!

    Illustrated Ghost


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