Monday 22 February 2021

Casual Approach

Hello Readers!  This one is little late, but still, a new page!  WHOO HOOO!!

Page 28

This page opens with one of those small perspective drawings I like to do. It worked out well.  I had little to no idea of the design, I knew it had to look like a low-teck, trendy sort of place, like Quality Greens or something. I like it. The name also just happened. 

The lower three panels show a casual scene, the characters are calm, cool, but interested in each other. The conversation is low stakes, playful, fun. I love those sort of chats where you just start in on something stupid, and the other plays along. 

It was actually tough to know what to draw or write because these conversations are unplanned, they just happen, but of course you can't do that in a story else you'll bore your audience... ahem, wake up IG!  Sheesh!  They're not paying me to watch you snooze.  What do you mean they're not paying me at all!

Anyway, after butting my head a few times against the page, I wrote out the dialogue and then it was easy to figure out what to draw. 

One last thing, I like how the character designs are coalescing.  That's one reason I wanted to rough the story, I knew the best way to figure out the designs was by just drawing them a bunch of times and seeing what worked, and what didn't. I know it works when I like the designs and can draw them repeatedly and they look like the same people.

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  1. Yep, good drawings. The first panel is very good. The place looks interesting and also real. The perspective - enhanced by the passing pickup - is spot-on as always.

    Yep, good dialogue - VERY good dialogue.

    A while ago, I heard a comedian talking about word choice. He told about writing a joke and carefully choosing to use the word ficus - because ficus is funny.

    Well, nettle tops is pretty funny and agar agar is very funny. It's also good observational humour that'll make your audience go "yeah, what IS agar agar anyway?". Jerry Seinfeld would be proud!

    Illustrated Ghost


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