Sunday 5 June 2022

Turning The Other Way

Hello Readers,

Yes, I missed posting last week.  I'm SAAAAWRY, ok?!  Yes, I'm not crazy busy so what got in my way, right?  Jeez you're tough.  Ok, you're right, I had no good excuse except that sometimes I feel like I have no idea how to finish this story and I'm really doubting myself and how to wrap this up so I guess I've been procrastinating and letting playing with the dog while listening to evening news get in the way of my precious drawing time. 

Maybe these two pages and a bit of extra something will shut you up.  WHAA?!  I didn't say that!  Just look at the pretty pictures, would'ja?


Page 120

Page 121

I saw a presentation recently in which someone was talking about the various shots we use in cinematography and I realized I've not been using the close-up enough.  So in the first two panels I did that camera move in so that you, my dear audience, can better see Fancy's expression.  I think by doing so the drama is amped up.

And then the crashes! OOF.  Doing these panels made me realize I don't have very many words for sound effects and probably need to develop more.  Anyway, fun drawings of crunching jets.  It's not clear what crashed in the middle panel, but I hope you inferred that it was two of Lawrence's jets, 'cause it was.

After I finished page 120 and had moved on... or tried to move on, I realized I didn't like the way I ended that page.  Here's what the original panel looked like:

 It shows Fancy turning back to see the wreckage and try to determine if anybody made it out alive.  I felt like I've told this story in a too meandering way, not direct enough, and I felt that if I want to end this thing, I gotta step on the gas and get it done, which meant not breaking away from the fight to see if her buddies are ok and then returning to the fight, but instead, push on harder with the fight as we see on page 121!

There she goes, firing off energy bursts but missing.  Nice drawings there, especially the last one on the page.  I drew the smoke trail once but it was a bit too much in profile, and I realized by adding some volume to it I could really add some depth to the shot and suggest that jet is coming close to the camera and high over the others which makes it tons cooler.  Look out, Fancy!

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  1. Hey, don't be SAWWWWRRRRY, you delivered something very cool! GREAT jet action!

    Your instincts are correct - like they always are - it would be a mistake to have Fancy double back. It would screw up the story flow and the bad guy would get away (not to mention -- what could she do for the downed pilots anyway, you know?).

    As it is, we have a moment of suspense, wondering how the teammates will be -- and if we'll have to wait another two whole weeks to find out!

    Okay, enough of my whining -- let's get to the BIG great thing about these pages...

    ... that last frame!

    Yowza! That's a very cool angle (and the contrail is super cool as well). It gives us a new, dynamic angle, it shows where everybody is and we know that the bad guy is getting the drop on our hero. It's perfect!

    And - if you ever did this story in fully completed form - seeing the earth below would be jaw dropping!

    VERY nice pages. Despite what you're saying, I think you know EXACTLY how to end this story and I can't wait to see it!

    Illustrated Ghost


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