Sunday 22 May 2022

Adding to the Heap

 Hello Readers.

Well, after some quick drawing, I've got two more pages for you, but like Lawrence, you're right on my tail. I gotta speed up my progress on this and bank a few pages!

Ok, less talk (for now)...


Page 118

Page 119

Page 118 is ok, but nothing too exciting.  I was going to post just that one page, but I thought you needed more.

But page 119!  WHOA!!! Looks like Marcel and Jake are out, as are two of those little jets, but which side lost 'em?  

When I started on page 119, I had the first panel as you see it, but then I drew a larger one of Dave, but the flow on the page wasn't so good. I thought doing a little insert of him (like you see here) would be better.  It makes the action a bit punchier but also more fluid from panel to panel.

Fun action of the planes all smashing together, and the last panel is pretty cool - these big planes dropping and the suggestion on fire on the screen left jet.  Marcel sounds pretty frantic with this "EJECT, EJECT!", and Jake, ever the cool cucumber just says "Ditto"!

Did I mention page 118 marks the end of another one of these scribblers?  I'm on book 10 now!  Who'da thunk'it!

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  1. Okay, here's the greatest compliment a graphic novelist can ever receive -- I don't even notice your drawings, I'm too caught up in the story.

    It's true and so there you go. 'Nuff said.

    Illustrated Ghost


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