Sunday 13 March 2022

Going Down

Hello All!  That is... everyone who isn't trying to get me to post non-Flight-of-Fancy comments here!

And yes, I'm probably getting those messages because I haven't posted in a week nor looked at my email to see who else posted comments, like you, IG!  Thanks for the encouragement and ongoing enthusiasm for this silly project!

So, to reward your patience, here are two pages!  















Page 105
















Page 106

"WHAT?!" I can hear you saying..."I had to wait two weeks for that and it took 10 seconds to read?!"

Ok, fair point. Let's talk about this.

Good drawings, right?!  Character designs are consistent.  Good movement across the pages and through the panels. Dynamic camera angles, check check check.

Yes, you're right, IG, I also think I forgot to put in a 3rd (conventional) jet in the top right panel of page 105. Easily fixed, but I figured I'd leave it for now. I like the "quiet" middle panel there.  It adds space and a bit of a pause and works well with the last panel there on 105, which again, slows the action a bit and adds a bit of anticipation, like "why's it so quiet in here" before... BOOOM!  Page 106!

Or should I say "KiiSH".  Yeah, I didn't know what sound effect to use there and I think I've over-used "BOOM".  But I like this page, it's right back into the action.  I like how the enemy missiles make a different sound (FFFSSSSS sounds very futuristic, doesn't it?!).

That first panel should probably be flipped horizontally to preserve the flow, but... as you can see in this quick bodge...

... the missiles need to be on the left side of the panel so they get seen and read before seeing the jet get hit.

And the "Going down" panel is really cool.  Good trail of smoke that suggests how Fancy's little jet is tumbling down toward... farm fields?! Hope she can get outta this mess.

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  1. As always, everything is great. I like the action and I love the pause that you built into the sequence.

    The best part - by far! - is the last frame. You really captured the way Fancy's jet is tumbling out of the sky. And you nailed the fields below -- and THE HEIGHT!

    VERY nice panel!

    Illustrated Ghost


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