Sunday 20 March 2022

Down, Down, Down

 Hello Hello!  

Ok, yes, posting on the right day, but, sadly, just one drawing today, but I think it's a good one.
















Page 107

So what makes this a good one?  A few things... that first panel with Fancy's jet careening toward the landscape is dynamic and the trailing jets help show where her jet has come from, and the number of pursing jets is pretty threatening.

The panel of inside the cockpit has a really nice drawing of Fancy.  She looks cartoony, but I think I like this design the best.  It suits the story style.

And that last panel... WHAAAA?!  She's heading for a barn?  OH NO!!!

I also like the dialogue.  Fancy sounds calm, in the first panel.  Then talking to Dave brings him back into the picture (even though we don't see him here), which is important because we need to keep all the players still in the audience's mind.  And then the fact that he warns her about the barn before we, the audience see it is fun and startling. 

Things I could have fixed/improved on?  I think the first panel should have a bit of a dutch tilt, but I was having enough trouble drawing the landscape in perspective amid the lines printed on the paper! And the angle on the last panel is bit high. Might look better if the camera angle were lower and we could see more into the barn, to better suggest Fancy's trajectory.

Anyway, hope you like it.

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  1. Looks great and -- things are really happening now! We're back in the action!

    I think you're right about a dutch angle on panel one but wrong about the last panel. That thing is freakin' perfect! The shot of Fancy is also perfect. Look at that intricate drawing on her flight harness. Cool!

    Keep going. Gotta know how this all turns out!

    Illustrated Ghost


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