Monday 6 December 2021

The Morning After

 Hello Readers,

Wow, WOW! Would you believe it? Another installment of Flight of Fancy!  Only page 88!!


















Page 88

 Last week we left Fancy leaving the bathroom after chucking her cookies, and now she's finding some unsettling things - bottle of ... poison? and Mom sick too.

The first two panels were a bit tricky because I wanted to subtly suggest Fancy was in the kitchen, which is why I put the coffee maker in there. 

And about Fancy, nice drawings throughout - the design is on model, but she looks sick, tired.

The poison was a tough part.  I was trying to think of how to make someone profoundly sick but not kill them.  I thought about lamp oil (kerosene) and gasoline but they would smell too strong and you wouldn't be able to get past the smell.  People can be poisoned with lots of food products that have gone off, but how could you make a food (rice, for example) go bad at short notice? Also, when food is off, it can kill someone.  If you come up with a good way to kill someone in such a way that they eat the poison of their own volition, let me know and then I'll pass your contact info on to the police, OK?!  I put the coconut scented essential oil in there, because I needed something.  Maybe I'll come up with something better.

Fancy's movement around Mom's bed worked well too.  I was thinking of a wide panel that shows the whole bed and with Mom lying on one side.  The panel could be split down the middle, and Fancy shown on the left side, then the right. These panels are pretty small, so I thought doing it the way I did might work better with less wasted space and more close ups on Fancy.  

But what about Mom?  Is she going to be ok?  And where did the poison come from?  Lawrence made dinner... did he, could he have done something?!  Stay tuned!!


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  1. I hate to say it but... I didn't notice any of your hard work or modelling or panel selection. None of it.

    I just want to know what happens next!

    I guess that's the ultimate compliment. You've totally hooked me. Now just give me more, willya?!!!

    Illustrated Ghost


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