Sunday 27 June 2021

Technically Speaking

Hello Reader(s)!

Ok, ok, you're right. I can't neglect my adoring public (I.G. that is), and if you insist on looking at my blog AAAALL the time, even on Sundays, who am I to let you down because I don't want to look at a computer?!

So, here it is!

Page 56

Perhaps you recall I've mentioned I try not to draw scenes from angles that would be impossible to shoot with a real camera, because they can make the space or action feel false which takes away the believability... at least I think it does. 

So, with that said, I did this "camera looking straight down" shot.  Yes, the room's ceiling would probably have to be 15 feet high to get this shot, but, IMHO, I think it works and is believable.  What do you think?

Anyway it's also a nice way to have them all in one panel chattering away about the plans/jets. It makes it conversational.

I especially like Amar's pose.  I feel that one works best. As I did this page I realized I didn't have many ideas for different poses, but having said that, even though Dave and Fancy are doing basically the same thing, they look a bit different.

I like this sort of drawing which, somehow, makes the characters in contact with the environment. I think it feels that way because by drawing the table, and then the chair seats close to or slightly under the table, I was able to place the characters on those seats, then in contact with the table. It is sort of like building a house layer by layer. It's a fairly technical approach, which I like doing.

And of course, I had to draw the blueprints too. That was fun and interesting.

I can see in the combined image the blueprints are a bit hard to see or separate from the table. This can be easily fixed with a bit of colour and/or tonal differences.


  1. That's a very sweet panel and totally film-able. I really like all of the poses (very natural) and the laid out plans are very cool.

    I'm liking everything but we've been in relationship/planning for quite a while, when do we get back into action? I wanna see more test flights -- and maybe even some real aerial combat. Give me action!

    ... or just totally ignore me. You know best...

    Illustrated Ghost

    1. Too much relationship stuff... you mean interaction between characters, or "romance" relationship stuff? 'cause there might be more of that kinda stuff!

      I guess you could call what's going on here as "planning" but I see it as building the foundation. OK, yes, there is some exposition ...sheesh, I'm defending myself here... but it could also be seen as "discovery" of pertinent information ...Hunt For Red October had 15 seconds of action when the captain kills the first officer or whoever it was and then two minutes of the "crazy ivan" stuff but then nadda unless you count the running the Mariana Trench bit, which was pretty great and exciting too, but this guy wants more action... oh man!!! Doesn't he know I'm working on page freakin' 73?! Doesn't he KNOW?!!

      But as for wanting more action stuff... um... well, it's coming but you might not see if for a few weeks... unless I jump on this and post a bunch of pages at once.

      Ignore you?! No way!

  2. So touchy! I was just wondering if it's more of a relationship thing or more of a flying adventure thing. It's all unfolding well and so I'll happily follow along.

    ... as long as there's some action in a few weeks!

    Illustrated Ghost


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