Sunday 31 January 2021

The Unexpected

Hello High Flyers, or at least those of you who like comics about airplanes and those who buy them for their military, etc!

Page 25

I really like how this page turned out, mostly because I've been looking forward to seeing the jets that this particular bidder uses, oh boy, and lookit them!  They're so weird and small!

But specifically, I like the first panel, how Mr. Russell looks so calm, but Fancy and Dave are off kilter. And then we have the second panel with the wide shot of all the little jets. Maybe you know already I like drawing people really small. They turn out well, and to my eye, they turn out looking like the tiny people in an HO train model set. It's easy to get the perspective working and you see a lot, or at least you think you do because one little line can suggest so much.

And then the last panel is also really cool with the people clustered around one of the jets - it shows really how small it is compared to the people, and also how weird the design is. I wasn't entirely sure about the design, but like many things in this story, that is changeable.


  1. When I first saw the new jets, I thought "Jetsons"and I wasn't so sure about the design. But then I thought they looked kinda cool and also that they really make things interesting. A game changer in technology could take this story to interesting new places.

    My only criticism? The scene might work better with only one jet. One prototype that they walk around and take in the details. It would make it more special. You might even want to devote a few more panels to the cool looking thing. Like, Fancy runs her hand along the side, we get a look inside at the hi-tech cockpit. You know, make a meal of it!

    As always, I'm interested and eager to see more!

    Illustrated Ghost

  2. From the story POV, it is important that we see the field of jets, but yes, most of a page devoted to them looking at just one.

    Dang. That's a really good idea. I like it. Might just have to go back and try to do just that.

    OHH, IG! You're killing me!

  3. Whatever I can do to make your day just a little bit harder...

    Illustrated Ghost


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