Wednesday 11 October 2017

Building On...

This is the second drawing I did last weekend. Not quite as great as the first (previous post), but still, I thought worth showing, because, lest we forget, for one thing, this blog was meant to be a place where I could put up any old thing I'd done, to put it out there, to share it with the world (not just you, Mr. I Ghost!!) and to feel good about my work, to get over myself and my tendancy not to show anything unless it is "perfect". I ain't perfect, and my work is far from perfect. When one aims for perfection, everybody loses.

So, enough of that, about this...

Green construction paper and Crayola markers again. I suggested my drawing partner draw a city, so I drew one too. I'd thought about drawing a "viewer" close to the camera, looking in toward the city, but... naw. I wanted to draw just the city.

I like is how geometric this one is and, in places, how it is almost abstract. I don't do abstract work, mostly because I don't get it, and maybe because I don't understand it, I don't like it, but I do like when things stray and touch the abstract, like when music becomes noise and then there is music in the noise. So I find it interesting how some of the buildings look less like buildings and more pattern, texture and in some cases, just bars of colour.

And when doing this one, a similar thing happened as when I drew the dinosaur. I found myself really enjoying the tactile quality of drawing. The rough paper, the thick markers that scuttle one's best attempts to make great lines. And then colour started creeping in. Maybe it was because I started with coloured paper already and so colour was less intimidating or maybe because I wanted/needed to define other parts of the city and using other colours seemed the best way to do that but... well, colour happened.

And the drawing happened. It took about an hour. Not sure. I wasn't keeping track of time, just having fun. That's when the best things happen, when you're just having fun.


  1. It definitely does look abstract. I think a big part of that is the fact that you haven't used perspective here. It's flat on and everything is stacked on top of everything else.

    Nice. It even looks kind of future-Christmassy.

  2. Yeah, I guess by not using any perspective, it gets abstract pretty quickly.

    Having said that, there are little shadows on the columns on the base of some buildings which adds a bit of perspective and maybe a bit more of an "entry" into the drawing.

    Maybe the conical building and the colours also make it that much more Christmassy.


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