Thursday 12 October 2017

Home Run

Aaaaand, here's the last drawing I did last weekend.

This one is pretty much in the same vein as the city one with the idea of just starting with something, and I kept adding to it, in this case, a house- nay, a mansion!! I had an idea for the style of house I wanted to draw, and the more I did, the more it became what I imagined.

There's lots of things I like in this one. I really like the shape of the structures, and also how they pile up toward the middle, also how there is more house visible in the distance, but seen only in purple-y shadow. I like the colours and how you can tell the house is made of brick, but various sorts, sizes and colours of brick. The flags are fun, as are the tv antennaes and since I was drawing with a kid, of course there needed to be a clothes line with some underwear flapping in a breeze. I like the little trees in there, and like the city, this one has a similar flat perspective, but the shadow suggests depth. The marker line work is interesting, how it isn't just flat, unremitting tone, but lines of tone that go diagonally or horizontally. It's also interesting that even though it is a structure made of many different archetectural styles, it all goes together.

So there you have it. A weekend trilogy of drawings. Not bad, even quite good. The moral of the tale - use cheap materials, try coloured construction paper - delicious texture!! - and just go for it, don't care too much, but have fun. I wonder if this might be a recipe for life?!


  1. Another nice one -- and a bit of philosophy, too!

    Picasso had his blue period, is this your... construction paper period?

    (Bet you did the orange bricks last. Yes? No?)

    1. 'Struth! I did the orange bricks last.

      As for a blue period, well, The paper was blue, but I haven't got any more blue paper so...

  2. HA! I KNEW you did the bricks last. I could feel your mind working, placing the dabs of colour where they just HAD to be to finish everything off. And, you know what? It worked!

  3. Gaww... You make me sound like an artist or something. Why are you always insulting me?!

  4. You're either an excellent artist -- or a bricklayer.


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