Wednesday 22 April 2015

Robot Lord

This is not a test.

If I said "Robot Lord" to you and the only other things you know about him/her/it is that this character is mean, probably evil and they have and use a sword.  So based on that information, which design shown below do you like best, or if none appeal to you, which comes closest and what parts of any one of them do you like?

Can you suggest something more apt?  Anything you HAAAATE?!


  1. Hmmmm...

    First off, they all look very different and very good. That's a huge variety of designs to put out.


    #1 is pretty plain. I like his eyes but you've got them in #2, so I'd toss #1.

    I'd also toss #3. Too Shogun Warriors-ish.

    #4 tossed. Not very detailed.

    #5 - like the heavy forearms -- keep them!

    #6 - like the attitude in the face -- use it! Also like the "X" thing on his back. It's kinda different. Keep that!

    Which leaves us with #2, easily my favourite. I LOVE his head. It's very abstract and that's great! I also like his samurai-inspired forearms and the way his fingers are almost 8-bit digitized things. Digitized digits! He doesn't look all that scary, though. He looks squat and cute. And the skirt doesn't help.

    If this is supposed to be a mean and scary robot FOR KIDS -- I'd go with #2, with maybe a few of the selected elements that I mentioned above. He's not that scary, but he has attitude and he looks cool!

    I hope this helps...

  2. It really helps! Thanks IG! I like #2 and # 6 also.

    #2's head is funny. I thought it's like a block with a covered hole on the front that when the cover opens, it reveals his "face". No nose, just two panels that meet in the middle, (like the hatches on the DeathStar), the top one with his eyes and brows, the lower with his teeth and the open part being his mouth.

    I also really like the blocky (8 bit) hands and feet.

    Regarding #6, though, I do like his proportions and how you can see how he's built and perhaps how he'd move - the structural quality of his torso, shoulders and hips is interesting. I like the wheel feet but perhaps that's overdone these days. The face like a boxer dog is funny.

    Thanks for the review and notes, I'll take a few more stabs at it. Yer a star, IG!

  3. No, YOU are the star, obviously. Good luck with that there Robot Lord. Very curious about what he's all about.


Thanks for your input!