Thursday 23 April 2015

A Trip for the Eye

Do you know the experience of hearing a musician's latest album and you think to yourself, "Buddy, you gotta get a new sound or something, 'cause this is TIRED!"

Well, I've been saying to that to myself lately. I've been wanting to see something new, something different so I figured I'd try to draw some place different, to draw a little escapist place for your eye, a place to imagine oneself into, and voila! The Temple of the Monkey Cult is born.

I've done this subject matter before - the priest at the weird alter etc. I've not had the temple look like a baboon's head, nor has that baboon's head been carved into a hill top, nor have I drawn it in such a way that invites the viewer in to walk the paths with one's eye. I think the angle, the view helps one do that and the shading helps guide one around also.

I like how the baboon's eyes are suggested with the carved rock and the building at the back has a nice, warm feeling with the light beaming out of it. The prayer flags flapping on the line are nice and add some needed dynamism. This is one drawing that would really be improved with some colour, to help show how lush and verdant the place is. Perhaps a deep red paint on the buildings and bright warm pumpkin orange glow coming from the main building and from the torches down at the alter.

1 comment:

  1. Love it!

    The eyes are fantastic and so is everything else. Very nice details (although I'd love to see a bunch of monkeys hanging around).

    But the best thing for me...?

    The best thing is your angle.

    Most drawings have an angle that's carefully chosen to show off a certain facet of a location, to milk the drama -- to show the viewers what it is that the artist WANTS us to see.

    Not his kind of angle. The bird's eye view. It makes you stand back and look at the whole structure. It makes the drawing seem like a model, like something you can explore. And you do. You follow the paths... you look for doorways...

    It's so cool!


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