Monday 1 December 2014

Half Life of a Drawing

This one is inspired by a photo I saw of a small fusion reactor. I went to a concert and expected to be there for a couple hours, so after a few false starts, I drew my version.

For a while I wasn't very pleased with the drawing.  The lines looked too rough, then too clean and straight and the perspective wasn't so believable, but since I had nothing else to do, I kept at it and kept at it.

I like the tonal and contour lines. You can feel the dimensionality of the tubes. At some point I realized it was a bit too sterile, so I put the dogs near the steps which helped add some life to the piece.  The wires are good, but if I did another version (or had another hour) there'd be more and chunkier ones and I would have added more pipes and tubes and other gak. The way the floor tiles don't make a flat grid, but suggest a circle and add a bit more drama to the machine. 

So the moral of the story is, if at first you don't succeed, stay a while, and try again.


  1. Looks great -- I'm glad you kept at it!

    You're right, the dogs add a lot of life too it and that floor is absolutely fantastic. And those tubes..! The way they stick out in all directions and suggest all kinds of weird functions. Cool!

    Speaking of function, my two cents says that it's a time machine and that the dogs are waiting around for their master to return. One of them is perking up -- is he here? Did he bring a dinosaur bone?!!

  2. The dogs waiting outside the door really does suggest the Time Machine sort of idea. I like that. A dino bone for the dogs. Ha! I'd like to see that.


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