Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Power of Love

First time for everthing, and in this case, first time of adding some animation to my blog.

Hope you like it. The first is an "animatic" or timed storyboard of what I planned to animate. The requirements were that there had to be some sort of silent communication between the characters and at least one of them had to show a change in mood or attitude.  Also, there had to be a run, walk or leap in there somewhere to show one's ability to add previously created animation into a shot.

And here is the final animation.

It turned out pretty much as I planned. It's a bit hammy, but... well I think it communicates. I could have spent more time finessing the timing and facial expressions, and some motion, but overall, it's pretty good. I haven't done FX in a LOOONG time, nor do I have much experience doing them, so the explosion at the end was (obviously) "borrowed" footage.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Never Say Kant

Oh boy has it been a while since I've created a new post. Hope you've not been waiting. Is anybody out there? Hello? Where'd you go?! 

... AAAaaanyway, this one was inspired by a poetry seed/prompt Chris showed me. The prompt was a quote by Galileo "I believe that good philosphers, like eagles, fly alone, not like starlings who fly in flocks." It made me think of a (torture) room in hell where all the great philosophers are locked. Their job/penance? Well, to write trite greetings cards messages, of course!

The drawings turned out pretty well. I did a few roughs, but then got tired of trying to make it better and got bored and just hurried to get it done. As usual, I like the rough pencil-like line. I like the character designs. That devil sure is creepy what with the black corneas and white irises not to mention the teeth. I thought of putting a forked tongue in his mouth, but I... I didn't.

All the way along I thought I'd make the philosopher Emanual Kant. I did a nice design for him and everything. It looked great until Chris pointed out that the "I think therefore I am" was Rene Descartes. DANG!!! Just the sort of mistake I'd make when in a hurry to finish something!

As you say, Mr. Ghost, Photoshop is the sanity saver. Another layer, a new hairstyle and voila! Kant became Descartes!  

Sunday, 22 July 2018

What's to Love?

I'm happy to present another comic featuring that little devil. He'll need a name at some point, but, that's not what this blog is about, so let's get to it.

Pretty simple story/joke here, and I think it is clear and understandable. The once thing I'm not sure is entirely clear is that I wanted to suggest the baby sounds like a fierce cat, not that whatever in the carriage is a cat, and I think the line coming from the carriage suggests the latter, even though that line is present in the other panels. It needed the line, but still, I think that little line is confusing.

Yes, I did hand ink the letters, 'cause I just wanted to get it done and up here. I tried to make them look nice. Hope you like 'em, Mr. Ghost.

Yeah, I re-used the carriage (CHEATER!!!), but I did the shading differently for each panel, which helps it look a bit different.

Again, I like the poses on the devil, and his facial expressions. I really like the grey shading  and flying fur lines on the cat, which help to accentuate it's anger.

I think the joke is cute, but also a bit unexpected.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Blockbusters and Us

Hello Valued Listener(s)!

Oooo, oooh lookie lookie! What's this?! A comic with recurring characters! Calm down, you'll wake the children.

So... Since seeing the Star Wars movie Solo, I've had this comic idea kicking around in my head. So, yes, Lenny's complaint in the second panel are my words and feelings. My biggest concern here was that the dialogue would be too "on the nose". Thanks to Christine for her editorial work.

Yes, the lines are that scratchy textured line. I find it more expressive, and easier to use than a solid, marker-like line. Maybe I'll give the non-textured line another try sometime... or... maybe not.

I like the shadows here - the last comic looked too dark, but the grey toned shadows adds depth. Also, by making the word bubbles grey and putting them behind the characters the comic looks less crowded. Yes... Mr. Ghost, I can hear you. Colour. I might try that on the next one... or... maybe...

I really like the little devil character. He's pretty cute what with his little goat legs, big compassionate eyes (devils can have compassion, I expect... maybe?!) bat wings and his knitted tie. He cracks me up. I was trying to put a goatee on him, but you wouldn't really be able to see it, so I left it off. Maybe it'll be like Hellboy's horns that appear now and then and then that needs trimming.

Oooh, and the happy accident in this one was how the little devil moves closer to the camera and by doing so, gains more importance and visual power over Lenny, while not really changing size - as compared to the can Lenny kicks. I didn't plan that in my roughs, it just happened! 

Looking at it, I can see things that need attention, but, it's posted now, which means I can't go back and fix it... right?!  Well...

It's fine... leave it. Don't try to be perfect.

Friday, 15 June 2018

do something, do ANYTHING!!!

Yeah, it's been a while.

But some things don't change. I still have times of feeling like I can't do anything. So what better thing to do then to do something I can do - draw silly pictures. And what to talk about? Well, whatever comes to mind, and what comes to mind? Well, that I can't do anything, of course.

I hope you'll see more of this chracter and the world he's in.  Time will tell.  

I did something different in this one. The inking was done in Photoshop with my Cintique, but the brush I used was one without texture, but I just kept it really small and sketched and sketched in the lines.  The result (I think) is nice clean lines that look natural. Below is is a close shot of those lines.

I know this is cartoon has lots of those in-jokes and techy terms, and that that might make parts of it meaningless to a lot of people, but I don't care about that right now. I'm sure you get most of it, don't you Mr. I Ghost.  

The cartoon could aslo use more tones.  Grey tones perhaps. I know, I can hear you, sir. Colour. You love your colour comix.  Count yourself lucky you got a cartoon at all!