Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Long View

Sometimes I start drawing something like what you see above and stop. Stop and erase! This kind of thing in my sketchbook doesn't really work, because the scope is a bit too big, and it takes too long to draw, and I feel I need to spend more time getting the perspective right - for a few reasons I avoid doing it in the sketchbook.

But actually, this is just the sort of thing I should be "exploring" in a sketchbook - those crazy nutbar, super ambitious drawings that may never get anywhere - put 'em in the sketchbook, mess around with them, play with them, go wild, if it doesn't work, well... how many people are going to look at your sketchbook and say "Hmm.... perspective's off and that one guy looks too big. SUBSTANDARD, not interested, moving on." Nobody. Well, very few people.

What I like about this one is the scope, the view, the sheer size of the vision. I can see for (at least) a mile. I might go back and add more heavy black lines to define the depth a bit more, but I think it works as is. I also like how the light sources are just indistinct balls of circles. I love the bridges (would really like to walk across them, find some bodega or some place, sit, have a drink... getting off track) and as my lovely Christine said, the mix of old (perhaps primitive) and new is really neat. I also like how even though very little of it is shaded, you still get an idea of the light.

Not bad, Mr. Wood. Let's see more of that.  

Friday, 18 November 2016

What, me worry?!

Yesterday I saw a caricature a colleague did of himself. I've been working on learning some Photoshop techniques, so I thought, "that looks like fun, I'll do one of myself".

Ok, this is my second attempt at doing digital painting in a serious (ahem... concerted) way, and before you pop my balloon, Mr. Ghost, I think it turned out pretty gerflichin' well!

Ok, so the colour is a bit saturated (about the glowing ears... mine glow!), and the area between the lower lip and chin crease needs a bit of work.  It might be funnier if the nose were more red, and perhaps the hair needs to have more depth.  But I like it.  I think the proportions have been pushed in a funny while retaining a likeness (no, if you don't know what I look like, I'm not going to put a photo of me up for comparison!).

I did it mostly with a brush that had shape dynamics texture that made it look a bit like a pastel and then used the mixer brush a whole lot to blend the tones as you might do with an oil painting. Love that technique. 

The thing that cracks me up though, is how much this looks (to me) like it could have been in Mad Magazine. I feel like I caught the style. I haven't looked at a Mad Magazine in ages, but somehow that style is in my head. I think that's pretty cool and interesting.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Walking Tour With Your Mind

Sometimes the drawing just happens.  You get an idea and keep going and keep going.  This one took about an hour to draw rough and then another hour or so to ink.

Turned out quite nicely.  I really like the feeling of depth in it, and the sense of light.  I wanted (and think I achieved) a feeling that this place is carved into a rock wall and because of it's orientation, might not get full light all the time.

The one thing I wasn't too keen on was the size of the figure at the bottom.  He's good and small in the image above, but was a fair bit bigger in the original.  I wanted him small to communicate how HUGE this place is, but it also might have been interesting if he were larger than the city's inhabitants, like double or triple their size.  Could you imagine walking through a city if you were that big?

This sort of drawing is so much fun because it invites that sort of musing.  It lets you explore it in your mind.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Painting Over

There recent was a news report that stated exactly how many years less one lives by engaging in "bad habits". Six. GROAN!! Upon hearing that "uplifting" information on a day when I was already feeling a bit low, I thought I/we needed a pick-me-up and "dashed off" this comic.

Pretty nice. I initially drew an old style (1040's) radio sitting on a table, but realised that might confuse the viewer as to what era we were in. Also, the dog was sitting with it's front paws down and was more in profile. I thought the dog could be funnier, so I drew it begging, widened the hips and voila, funnier dog. When I changed the radio to a transistor radio, I had to put it on something and then the idea of the exercise bike popped into my head. The only thing I should have tried was to draw dust heaped on and around the bike to suggest it hasn't been used in a long time.

I was planning on inking it as I have the Orchid Society cartoons, but I'd also started watching videos on digital painting and thought this would be a good piece to try painting. Once I started, I couldn't stop.

When I said I "dashed" it off, well... it took about a week. Not constant work, but if I did it day after day, hour after hour, I might have been able to do it in a day and a half or two days. Gotta work on that speed!

But honestly, I'm pretty pleased with the results. 

I like how you can "feel" the volumes, the guys arms, legs, body have roundness. I like how his bottom teeth are visible and following the arc of his lower jaw. I like the shading on the burger and it's clam-shell package. I really like the chair's painterly quality and how punished it looks. I really like the fur on the dog - it helps to describe his forms and volume.
I have an idea now how I could have painted the dust, and I next time I'll add texture to the chair and some to the guy so he doesn't look like he's rolled in a bowl of buttered popcorn. Anyway, not bad if I do say so myself!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Sci-Fi Hookah Pipe

Oh man, it has been SOOOOO long since I've posted a new entry, I almost forget how to do it.  Sorry to all my faithful visitors (Mr. Illustrated Ghost) for my absence.  I'll try to get back into doing this regular like.  I could give excuses, but that's boring and doesn't help anything.

So let's talk about this drawing.  Who is this guy? What's it about? Where'd it come from? I've been reading the Incal by Moebius and Jodorowsky. The drawings are of course, totally amazing. I love the clean lines and the imaginative places, spaces and costumes, and the characters, so I thought I'd dash something off that might fit in there somehow. 

I like this guy's posture - sort of slouchy and how he's got a bit of a gut and fatty neck. I also like the familiar things twisted a bit like the thing he's smoking. it's a bit like a hookah pipe but this one floats or hovers. I tried to draw the bottles below suspended under a 3 rotor copter. The guy's pants have different fabric or material sewn into the crotch area 'cause he's probably got an air-scooter just out around the corner and riding that for hours can chafe. I like his glasses too - huge ugly things that belong on Mrs. Doubtfire (remember her, Mr. Ghost?!) but maybe these ones have some heads up display projected into the glass and a larger surface is better.

I realised when doing this drawing that I like imagining these things that you don't necessarily see. It helps to make it more convincing, to add depth to the concept, but it also makes me want to explore that further, show more to the audience. If only I could do more, draw more, maybe tell a story with it or ... I dunno, turn it into something instead of it just being a one off, like a draw on a sci-fi hookah pipe!