Sunday, 24 January 2021


 Hello Hello! 

Another week, another instalment. The page count is adding up!

Page 24

In the first panel, I like Dave pops the beautiful warm, spring-time romantic balloon that was established in the previous page with his abrupt interjection.  I also like how the characters are placed - it makes me feel like I am somehow there too.

Remember that regular pattern of how I introduced each bidder and their jets etc... yes we haven't seen the "hardware" used by Red Training Systems (yet!!), but perhaps you noticed another pattern happening on previous pages - each representative wondered out loud if Fancy was physically capable of flying with her foot/ankle injury.

Mr. Russell (the gentleman) doesn't go there, instead he gives her a gentle way out of having to explain anything. Nothing he says or does suggests he thinks she is anything but entirely capable.

Because I wanted and needed to show Fancy's ankle giving way, I had to do so by showing her starting to walk. I think the 2nd and 3rd panels show that pretty well. I thought we needed to see the whole action to make it make clear.

And yes, the final panel is nice too even if the drawing isn't great - it shows the romantic moment and mood re-established. Let's hope I can keep it up!

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Shaking Things Up

 Hello Dear Reader(s)

Yes, I know, I'm a day late!  Gasp!  Well, maybe two, but fret not.  Here is the next installment!

Page 23

Here we meet the final bidder for the training contract, a company called "Red Pilot Training Systems", the alleged "X factor". I started this page the same as the previous two,  in the board room getting some background info, but then it breaks the pattern. Instead of seeing the jets right off, or some obvious salesman, we meet the rep who doesn't "play" like the rest of them.

So, I guess I like the flow of the story across these three pages, setting up expectations and then breaking them. I hope this catches the reader a bit off guard just as Fancy is.  Her posture in the 2nd panel and facial expression & dialogue in the 3rd suggest that.

I like Mr. Russell's design, and speaking of design, I did a slight alteration on Fancy on this page. I simplified her eye designs, to something like those on the kids in the original Archie comics. I saw that design and thought, hmmm... I wonder if this will work.  I'm just going with it.  Not sure it will blend in with the other characters, or if I'll have to conform them all to a similar design. For now, I like it. Feedback is welcome!

Sunday, 10 January 2021

Fly (Almost) Rite

 'Alo All!  

Here it is, another exciting instalment of Flight of Fancy.

Page 22

Can you believe it?!  Page 22. Wow and WOW! You wanted me to try to deliver a "longer format" ongoing comic, Mr. G, and lookie here... I'm getting somewhere!

Ahem.  Moving right along...about this page.

As mentioned previously, the prevous page, this one and the next are jumping around a bit in time but also in location. So now you can tell me if you think it is working or confusing and when I get to re-doing this thing nice-like, I can... well, I can try to make it... um... am I ever going to get this done, let alone clean it up... well, just let me know if it doesn't quite make sense.

This page is pretty similar from the last, which, again, is an attempt to help the audience (such that it is) understand the bidders from a remote perspective - the boardroom's white board and info about the bidder, the next panel shows the planes at the airport - so the audience knows what that bidder's hardware looks like, third panel we meet one of the people representing that bidder.

I like that second panel, maybe because it gives a sense of scale between the people and the jets, and also because the jets look kinda cool.

And that third panel turned out really well.  I like the poses on the characters. The man looks calm, big, masculine and entirely comfortable in his skin and everywhere else. Fancy's pose is also good but I think I put Fancy's cane in the wrong hand - should be on the same side as her injured foot - at least I think that's how one uses a cane!

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Able Bodied

 Happy New Year! Hope you feel fresh having washed that 2020 off your skin!

In celebration of the new year, here is page 21!!

Page 21

Ok so here we begin the jumping around a bit.  In the board room, then on the ground meeting the bidders and seeing their jets. In this and the next few pages, you'll see the jumping, and please let me know if it doesn't work... if you can remember this page by the time I post the next one!

I like the pompous pose on Mr. Rideau in the 2nd panel and how he feels the need to reduce much of what he sees.  Also in the last panel, I think it is funny how he's questioning Fancy's injury suggesting she might not be fit or able to fly. Foreshadowing?!  Would I do that?!

I like the last panel's drawing, seeing the jets on the airfield and the people walking between them. It gives a sense of scale, but also it makes it feel more real. This isn't just an exercise on paper, these jets are real. I think it makes this comic, this story a bit more real too - it's actually going somewhere... I think... I hope... um... psst...Mr. Ghost?  Where's it going?! I'm doubting my ability to put in some interesting flight action.  Maybe I can call you and you can give me some help?  I'll post two pages in one week if you will!

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Changing Order

 Happy Holidays, Everybody!

And today's gift... another (hopefully wonderful) page in the Flight of Fancy story!

Page 20

This page and the ones that follow are a juggling act. I needed to introduce the audience to the different companies who are bidding on the flight training contract, but I also wanted the audience to see who they are, to better distinguish one from the next. This section risked being really boring exposition but (as you will see in the next few pages), I think I executed it pretty well by jumping from this board room to the air fields. 

So, in the same way as I had to juggle the story telling, on this page I juggled panels. When I drew this what you see as the 3rd panel was drawn in the middle as the 2nd panel, but I quickly decided that we needed to see Fancy and her team before jumping into the discussion.

I like that first panel, probably because I can feel the humid warmth of spring in that one. It is a subtle change from the previous time we saw this building - the angle is different as is the time of year.

I do like that 2nd panel. We see everyone clearly, their designs are nice (and entirely not planned or considered before the moment I drew them!!), the people are well posed, the environment looks well proportioned to the people, the angle is pleasant.

I think the success in the last panel is the dialogue. I wanted to describe the contractors in a simple, punchy, memorable way and I think I did that. And who wouldn't love Dave, what with his chiselled features, barrel chest and growing gut below.  He's the hard military guy who talks tough and means it.  Stereotype? Probably.