Tuesday 10 May 2022

What Goes Around

Hello Readers, and in this week's case, active participants!

Here's a couple pages of your beloved "Flight of Fancy"!!
















 Page 115











Page 116

I know you don't think I listen or take advice, Mr. IG, but I do!  AHA! 

You suggested we see Lawrence's reaction to Fancy's "Let's see how you like it" line. Yes, I shoulda probably put this page in sooner, especially after Fancy's shouty tyrade on page 109, but... and this page 115 might mean I need to nix some other pages especially because the dialogue is a bit of a repeat from page 109.  Dunno.  Let's see what happens when this story is finished.

Page 115 was a bit of a challenge because  I wanted the characters to look like they're talking to each other even though they are in different jets. I had Fancy's jet turn 180 degrees in the middle right panel so that her jet's screen direction would match that of page 116's, which, incidentally was done before page 115.  It was also kinda hard because I hadn't drawn Lawrence in so long I forgot how he looked!

Fancy's expression on the last panel of 115 is quite nice, and yes, I purposely didn't draw Lawrence's eyes in the middle left panel so to make him look more superior and un-readable.

On page 116, I like the drawing on the top right - it and the bottom panel are nicely drawn, but I especially like how this hearkens back to the start of the story when Fancy was trying to fight some enemy jets and her team didn't know the maneuvers she wanted them to do. Oh, what goes around comes around.

... and thanks for the comments and input.  VERY helpful!

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  1. SO good to see Lawrence again -- that evil snake!

    I didn't really think about it but of course you're right that it's tricky to frame two people who are talking to each other but are miles apart. Except... you made it work really well and actually made it look easy.

    Everything is very well drawn and I LOVE Fancy's "kill the channel" line. She's a stone cold hero!

    Illustrated Ghost


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