Sunday 3 April 2022

Twisting & Turning

Good-day Readers!

Slowly, slowly we approach the end... I think I'm getting there, I... I think... I... I hope! 


Page 109

Page 110

Like me and this comic, Fancy isn't outta this battle yet, but she's taking it to the aggressor.

Regarding page 9, it's a pretty good page. I think I like the middle left and bottom panels best.  Middle left was hard to draw and the bottom one looks exciting.

And page 10, a fast, direct read of what's going on. Not super great, but good enough.  Drawing this page made it clear just how tricky it is to draw those little jets!  I'm not wild about the spiral con-trails but I couldn't think how to show that action any other way.

But what's this?!

This is how I started page 109. It looks tonnes cooler and more exciting what with her getting hit again. The top right and bottom images are really good. I was going to do another drawing beside the bottom one from about the same angle showing the jet tumbling.

So why didn't I continue? That last panel was pretty tough to do and when I got looking at it and tried to figure out how the next image should be, I thought I had the tumble going in the wrong direction and the first tumbling drawing should be second... or maybe not... I couldn't figure it out. 

Also, I felt I had get on with Fancy's "What the hell are you doing?!" speech, to show how she's taking the bull by the horns now.

And page 110... well, just as I was writing this blog I decided to keep it.  I was going to scrap the page altogether.  Next week you'll see the next page and see how this page 110 could safely be jettisoned without creating a hole.

To be continued!!!

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  1. Who-eee, the story is really moving now! Very strong pages and you're really upping the drama.

    I can see why you got rid of that partial page because it truly is time for Fancy to get the upper hand. Still, I love that last panel, where Fancy is tumbling. Tough thing to draw and you nailed it.

    Page 9 looks great and advances the drama. Super picky? Maybe the last panel should have been an extreme closeup of Fancy. On that page, every panel is getting closer and closer on her. It might have been cool and dramatic to push right in.

    It's funny that you're not crazy about the spiralling contrails -- because I absolutely LOVE them. They're my favourite thing!

    Keep 'er coming!

    Illustrated Ghost


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