Monday 10 January 2022

Getting Back in the Saddle

 Hello Readers.  

Wasn't it nice to take a bit of a break and over the holidays?! What?  It was too long since the last installment of Flight of Fancy?  Awww, your attention to this blog is touching but, sheesh, can't a guy take a break?  It's not like I'm going to forget how to draw these characters or loose my place in the story! We all know she's going to win a million bucks and then have to pay off her attacker. 

Whatdya mean that makes no sense?!

Ok, ok, here's a couple pages! Don't say I never gave you nuthin'!

Page 92


Page 93

I think the drawings on these pages are nice, but man, as you can see I had to do some cut and paste to put the panels and word bubbles in the right places. Everything was arranged about right, but I left space between panes that had to be trimmed.  Page 93's panels at the top are still a bit off but what's it matter, right?

The characters are drawn quite well.  In that last panel on 92 you'll see Dave's design has changed a bit - he looks older and bit fatter and like he can't run very well anymore. Fancy looks perfect in the panel above.

I like the wee bit of comedy in page 93.  I spend a while trying to figure out how the jet would open and how to show it.  In the end I figured I was spending too much time on something the audience wouldn't really need or care to know about.  Still, the drawings are nice.

I hope you like it. It has been a while.  Gotta admit, I have lost a bit of focus, direction and energy, but I'll try to keep at it and WILL TRY to finish.

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  1. Don't ever do that to me again! Don't leave me hanging like that! Forget holidays, forget illness or workload -- I need me my Fancy!

    But she was worth waiting for. Good, solid pages. Fancy running was really well done. Sorry but I can't really comment on the rest of the art because I'm not paying any attention to it. I'm breezing over the panels, wanting to know what happens next -- and that's the best compliment a storyteller could ever get!

    "Sure as hell I'm going to try"-- I love it!

    Illustrated Ghost


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