Sunday 12 September 2021

Showing & Telling

 Hello Friends, and welcome to another installment of... FLIGHT OF FANCY!!! Whoo!!

Oh, yes!  Page 69 and 70.

Page 69 















I think these pages turned out pretty well... I must have had a good idea of what to do with them which might account for them looking good.  I think these pages flow together nicely.

On page 69, yes, lots of exposition, and not all of it clear, but the purpose of it was to tell and show what the jets are capable of. Also, that page was also drawn out of order, but easily sorted thanks to the Sanity Saver (Photoshop!!).

The little middle three panels on page 70 look a bit tight, but I think they work, and look good.  They were fairly challenging to draw and, again, are there to show how one might fly one of these. Not sure why that is important, but my goal was to make the action more fun, more visceral for the reader.

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  1. It all works really well. There isn't too much exposition at all -- and the action is really good. I like the little cutaway shots of controlling the flight and I really like the last panel, where Fancy barely gets control. Cool!

    Illustrated Ghost


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