Sunday 15 August 2021

Background Questions

Hello Reader(s)!  

Another installment, just one page this week! Yes, I'm being a miser! It's because I have used up all my notebooks, and since these are such wonderful, expensive pads and I don't know when or if I'll ever be able to get more, I thought I should ration the release of these pages until I can source more notebooks.  Do you believe me?!

Well, then here it is!

Page 64

Not a bad page this one.  I like all the drawings (must have been a few good drawing days there!). A fairly dynamic view in the 2nd panel with the vehicles driving. One of these days I'm going to have to go to these actual places and see if they have road signs (like in the 3rd panel) and make my drawings more accurate, or at least more similar to the real things.

There are some good poses and the characters look like themselves. And the the 4th panel, Fancy and Lawrence and being cagey and all formal like. Do you think anyone present knows what's up with those two?!

Like I said, I must have been having a few good drawing days because this page is pretty solid and I don't recall any challenges. I'm unsure how to fill in the backgrounds, but... MUST I draw anything back there?  Maybe just a bit of shadowing or a few swipes with a brush in Photoshop to suggest an environment?  Is that OK?!  Please let it be OK!

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  1. It's okay!

    At least, on the two panels with closeups of your characters, you don't need intricate backgrounds.


    Is it because we all know you're lazy and we're trying to help you out?


    It's because, in a movie, those closeups would be focussing on the faces and the backgrounds would be blown out. The focus of the panel is on the faces and who cares what's behind them.

    It's okay!

    Illustrated Ghost


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