Sunday 4 April 2021

Coming Together Splitting Apart

Hello Readers!

Hope your weekend is going well. I decided to stay away from the computer today, so, lucky you, you get two pages. Yes, that doesn't make sense, but hey are those Peeps over there?! Ok maybe not but look at these!

Page 40

Page 41

He're we've got the first test match continuing but with planes that separated earlier on.

I don't know how well page 40 will transition from 39, with luck (and use of names here), the audience (I.Ghost) will know that we are elsewhere following other pilots.

Page 40 was fairly challenging to make the action clear - I hope it's clear! As mentioned before, putting decals and/or colouring the jets will help a lot. I think the maneuvers being done here are both funny and probably totally not done as they're probably waaaay too dangerous.

I hope the use of sound effects ("EEP, EEP, EEEP, EEEP, EEEP, EEEEEEEE") help to suggest proximity alarms going off, and if they don't, well, I just told you what they mean! Maybe that noise needs to be explained to the audience. I expect you to canvas the other readers, Ghosty, and give me a detailed spreadsheet with all your data, ok?

Page 41 looks better than 40. I think the shading helps improve it, but I was also trying to re-invigorate the artwork, so I put a bit more effort into it. Sometimes you have to push to do a little better, which improves the whole thing and makes it more fun to go back to read and work on.

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  1. Great stuff yet again!

    Everything is very clear and really well represented. I know what's going on and I'm guessing our poor sandwich filler is about to take himself out, due to their maneuver.

    I'm not sure that maneuver would ever be tried and it does look very dangerous -- but who cares? It's cool!

    I canvassed all regular readers and turns out, everybody agrees with me. Spreadsheet says it's cool, you're the man, and just keep going!

    Illustrated Ghost


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