Sunday 14 March 2021

Ain't Perfcet!

 Hello hello!  Here I am actually posting on a Sunday, which was supposed to be the day I do this each week.  Stoopid work has gotten in the way of that but not this week!  HA!  Take that!

Page 35

Well, for pages that read quickly, this is probably one of the very fastest.  Unfortunately it is kind of boring.  BOO. I didn't want to do a valley sort of landscape like we saw at the start of this story and I didn't know what else to do, so it is supposed to be open, clear sky.  Again... boooring!  I should redo the location (or lack thereof) if... (yes I am still debating if I'll move this on to a more finished state)... if I ever move this on to a more finished state.

The drawings are ok, the last panel being the most interesting and dynamic.

Anyway, since there's not much to say about this page, take a look a this...

These are the books I draw the comics in.  SUPER CHEAP and very few pages in each.  I draw only on one side because I don't want to smudge the pages and it also allows me to write or draw on the back of a page if I need to and also to trace one page through another should I need to... but to do that, I should have started on the last page of the book and worked forward... oh well, details details!

I like these books because they take the pressure off - no pressure to do a great drawing because I'm doing it in a crappy book with crappy paper that is covered in non-erasable lines!  What could be worse?!  And even better than that, the lines actually help me create nice panels and keep each page being about the same size. I (think I) planned ahead and managed to make each page proportional to an 11 x 17 page so that if I ever move this ahead to the next stage, the image can just be scaled up and the panel sizes and compositions should still work... SHOULD!!!


  1. It's not boring! It's not your best page but it also ain't bad.

    I guess you could give us a few different angles and that might punch it up a bit. You hardly ever do cockpit shots - you might want to throw in one of those.

    I like what's happening in the frame. One pilot getting the better of the cocky pilot. Nice! My only problem is I'm not sure who's triumphing on this page. I assume it's Fancy but there's no visual or dialogue reason for me to think that.

    I LOVE the books you're drawing in and I totally get your reasoning for doing it that way. Totally takes the pressure off. PLUS - you can pretend you're blowing off your Geography homework!

    Illustrated Ghost

  2. Your comment of not sure who's who in the jets is a good point. I thought the type of jet would indicate that, but obviously not.

    Perhaps I need to (in a previous page) mention something about who's in which jet to clear up any confusion.

    And yes, geography homework... totally blown off! No need to pretend that!

  3. Or... just put Fancy's name in the dialogue, instead of "Boss"? VERY minor problem.

    Illustrated Ghost


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