Sunday 3 January 2021

Able Bodied

 Happy New Year! Hope you feel fresh having washed that 2020 off your skin!

In celebration of the new year, here is page 21!!

Page 21

Ok so here we begin the jumping around a bit.  In the board room, then on the ground meeting the bidders and seeing their jets. In this and the next few pages, you'll see the jumping, and please let me know if it doesn't work... if you can remember this page by the time I post the next one!

I like the pompous pose on Mr. Rideau in the 2nd panel and how he feels the need to reduce much of what he sees.  Also in the last panel, I think it is funny how he's questioning Fancy's injury suggesting she might not be fit or able to fly. Foreshadowing?!  Would I do that?!

I like the last panel's drawing, seeing the jets on the airfield and the people walking between them. It gives a sense of scale, but also it makes it feel more real. This isn't just an exercise on paper, these jets are real. I think it makes this comic, this story a bit more real too - it's actually going somewhere... I think... I hope... um... psst...Mr. Ghost?  Where's it going?! I'm doubting my ability to put in some interesting flight action.  Maybe I can call you and you can give me some help?  I'll post two pages in one week if you will!

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  1. Hey - a lot of dialogue! And it definitely isn't too much.

    The guy is pompous and the story is moving along just fine. I'm looking forward to the jumping around.

    The big thing for me on this page is the jets in the last panel. The angle is dead-on and the lines are crisp and perfect!

    No way would I put a mark on your page! This is a very personal and unique story you're telling. I'm honoured that you'd ask but, sorry chappie, you're gonna have to do it all by yourself!

    Illustrated Ghost


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