Sunday 20 December 2020

(Unseen) Truths

 Hello Reader(s). Yep, trying to get back on schedule, which means it's time for...

Page 19

Well, this page went pretty well.  I was in a groove coming off the previous pages. Somehow (unlike the more recently completed ones), I had a clear idea of what I wanted to show and what needed to happen, so this page came together pretty quickly.

Perhaps in future posts I'll talk about running around - not knowing what to draw or how to proceed.

In the first panel you've got that really flat perspective of the neighbourhood. I think of Chris Ware's comics (Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth) when I draw small, highly detailed places with flat perspectives. Yes, IG, when I ink this I'll have to try to make it nearly as clean as Mr. Ware's work. Well, yes, cleaned up and "inked", but no, I think my lines would not be perfect and ruler line straight.

Those middle panels are good (the hands were pretty tough to draw - needed reference for them!). I like the notion that Fancy's own Mom might be voicing negative comments a reader might make about our protagonist's haircut.

And the last panel. I like how it is pulled out some to reveal the pretty empty place and the lie that is floated to Mom. Fancy's pose communicates her comfort in the environment, but perhaps some sadness and resignation too.  


  1. The page may have come easily but that doesn't mean it ain't good!

    Nice panels and a bit of emotion and backstory told well. Even before I read your commentary, I noticed the hands. They're so tricky but you absolutely nailed them - especially the hand in the hair in panel 3.

    It's going well and I like the storytelling and the details. I like that Fancy drives a rugged vehicle - exactly what a military person would drive.

    Illustrated Ghost

    1. What?! She drives a jeep?! Oh, right... ahem... she's a military sort. She drives a rugged sorta thing, like a jeep.

      Who says I don't know this character!

    2. You know this character and I guess we all do -- thanks to you!

      Illustrated Ghost

  2. I still think it is like when you wrote a poem in school, and the teacher marveled at it, and made all these glowing comments about your allusions and connections to the natural world and the spirituality and dualism found in the bla bla bla, and you were only trying to talk about why runny eggs are disgusting compared to hard boiled eggs.


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