Sunday 1 November 2020

Leaving Questions Hanging

Happy November, Readers.  

Following a scary, very quiet Hallowe'een, I give you the scary (number wise) page 13!

Page 13

Who is this veiled figure?  What are they doing?!

I tried to keep this question going as long as I could. I think it is interesting that we don't really know what the protagonist really looks like yet. I feel it keeps the reader interested and wanting to read more.

The top two drawings were particularly tough because for one, I was trying to continue the action from the previous page and also, the camera perspective made that continued action hard to show it all. I didn't want it be too tight or too wide a shot. Looking at the first panel again, I want to see the person's feet, but not sure why.

Perhaps I go overboard in showing every little detail of action, I mean, do we really need to see all of what happens in the second tier of images (panels 3, 4, and 5). I'm not sure panel 3 communicates so well, but I think it becomes understood by looking at the later two. Yes, I'm not going to tell you what happens there. If the drawings don't communicate the action, they don't work, so Class. your homework is to write me a brief description of what happens in each of those three panels.

I like panels 6 & 7.  I feel they describe a story detail well, a story detail that continues.

And 8, 9 and 10 perhaps show too much action.  I could have dropped panel 8, but it makes a nice harmony of panels on the page. I feel panel 10 is drawing the reader on. It doesn't answer anything, but instead I hope inspires the questions... "where's this person going?  What's going to happen next?"


  1. It's interesting, you don't draw pages like a normal comicbook guy. They vary the angles and sizes and jump from side to side, action direction be damned. You, on the other hand, do comics pages like an animator. You have logic and flow of motion and you darn near animate your action. Those last three frames actually are animated!

    Story-wise, I AM curious about who this pilot is and what's going on. MUST keep reading!

    Aaaaand -- what happens in panels 3, 4 and 5?

    3 - pilot picks up silky thin parachute material.
    4 - pilot rips the material.
    5 - pilot puts it on head to cover up from the hot desert sun.

    How'd I do?

    Illustrated Ghost

  2. A++! Perfect!

    Funny that I draw comics like an animator... Wonder why.

  3. Check your bit about giving us homework re: this comics page -- you write like a teacher. Go figure!

    Illustrated Ghost

  4. Oh, now you're just being mean!


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