Monday 12 October 2020

Twists & Turns

Good-day, Faithful Readers!

Thanksgiving be... oh, and to help us all be more thankful, here's the next instalment.

Page 10

For some reason, I found it tough to draw the planes on some angles.  The top left jet looks too wide, and the bottom right one doesn't quite show the turn as I'd hoped to describe it. 

Regarding the jets in the bottom panel, specifically the one on the bottom right, I did try to turn it more nose up, but that didn't work because I want to to appear to be cutting off the lower left jet, not that it was tilting up. I also tried overlapping the jets slightly, but that didn't work either because I needed that interaction to happen a bit later. Again, this sort of problem should be easily sorted if/when I make CG models of the jets and then can place them and turn them as I need... if I ever get there!

I'm not a a big fan of "chatty" comics because I find I read them too much and spend too little time looking at the drawings, which seems to me to defeat the purpose of an illustrated narrative (graphic novel / comic... take you pick of name!) In this case, I found the dialogue fun, not too much and helped show character of the pilots. I think I have been able to make each a distinct character even though we haven't seen their faces yet. 



  1. Another great page. I hate to say it but... you just might have to go to the next step with this comic - then sell it - then license it - then write the script for the big Hollywood blockbuster - then figure out how to spend all of that green stuff!

    I get your point about comics being graphic and visual and so you don't need many words. Howeverrrrrrr... it's a delicate balance. I've read some comics that are done in a few minutes and that ain't good. They can feel kinda empty. That said, your characters are coming through with very little dialogue and the whole thing is pretty entertaining, so you're probably fine.

  2. Regarding all those steps that end with me writing the script... OK! So long as they pay me the whole way until they kick me off the writing team, just like they did with William Goldman!

    Probably fine... PROBABLY FINE?!!! Awww jeez!

    Those comics you can flip through 100 pages in 10 minutes do seem empty, though I can crank through Saga, and I just keep wanting more. And we've both seen ones that are so dense they are a total slog. It is a really fine balance.

    I should be fine.



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