Sunday 6 September 2020

Little Lines Add So Much

Hello Hello!  

Here is page 5 of Flight of Fancy.


Page 5

Those cockpit drawings, tight inside the space with low angles are pretty tough. Creating a CG model of the planes and putting a virtual camera in there to get things looking right will really help. But that's waaaaay down the road, up in the air... choose your metaphor.

I like the 2nd panel. It turned looking really dynamic and the perspective works well too... I think it is because of the little lines in the background around the left-most jet on that helps make it look fast, shows movement, but also help suggest the perspective of the environment.

While doing more pages, I find sometimes the action gets confusing - which jet is that? Is that the good guy or bad guy? etc... Colour and decals on the jets would help, but I was also wondering if at the start of the book inside the hard cover, there are a bunch of drawings of different jets, labelled with a bit of info about what country uses those jets and then on the dust jacket there could be-

Slow down, Tiger!  Let's just get this thing drawn before we wade into getting it published!


  1. Excellent page! I love how you're not getting ahead of yourself -- but you're designing the dust jacket!

    All of the panels work and the cockpit shot is fantastic!

    Take a look at manga stuff - particularly Battle Angel Alita, and see how they do speed lines. Speed lines are all you need, baby!

    Illustrated Ghost

    1. Oooh, Battle Angel Alita... I loved that book, at least the first I read, aren't there like 5 million issues?

      And, shamefully, I never saw the movie. Was it good?

      Should we talk about this here? Is that legal?


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