Tuesday 5 February 2019

Never Say Kant

Oh boy has it been a while since I've created a new post. Hope you've not been waiting. Is anybody out there? Hello? Where'd you go?! 

... AAAaaanyway, this one was inspired by a poetry seed/prompt Chris showed me. The prompt was a quote by Galileo "I believe that good philosphers, like eagles, fly alone, not like starlings who fly in flocks." It made me think of a (torture) room in hell where all the great philosophers are locked. Their job/penance? Well, to write trite greetings cards messages, of course!

The drawings turned out pretty well. I did a few roughs, but then got tired of trying to make it better and got bored and just hurried to get it done. As usual, I like the rough pencil-like line. I like the character designs. That devil sure is creepy what with the black corneas and white irises not to mention the teeth. I thought of putting a forked tongue in his mouth, but I... I didn't.

All the way along I thought I'd make the philosopher Emanual Kant. I did a nice design for him and everything. It looked great until Chris pointed out that the "I think therefore I am" was Rene Descartes. DANG!!! Just the sort of mistake I'd make when in a hurry to finish something!

As you say, Mr. Ghost, Photoshop is the sanity saver. Another layer, a new hairstyle and voila! Kant became Descartes!  


  1. Hoo-Ha -- you're back! I, on the other hand, never left. I've been checking this site every day since the last posting -- really!

    But... I checked it too early this morning to find this... this... gem!

    A gem that I'll comment on tomorrow. Sorry, gotta lot to take care of right now and, besides, you left me waiting so...

    Illustrated Ghost

  2. A new entry! So, whadda I think about it?

    I think it's very good but maybe a bit wasted.

    Why wasted? Wasted because it's such obscure subject matter. Most people don't know the writer or that quote. Wasted because it's obscure but also because it's very, very clever. It's a complex thing that we get plunked down into and can maybe not get up to speed fast enough to fully appreciate the cleverness.

    How is it good? Well, just look at it. It's gorgeous. Great character design and emotion. The devil looks cool and then very scary in the last panel. His nose is... disturbing. It makes him alien and creepy. The background modelling is loose and fantastic - particularly the little guy with the moustache and his computer. The "rough" shading is very kinetic (especially on the devil's arm, at the end!) and keeps things from being too cold or precious. Every teacup and saucer is held with precise fingers.

    This is a masterfully done piece. I'd love to see this effort applied to something more long form or more accessible. You know, maybe something with some 'splosions?

    Illustrated Ghost

  3. Wasted?! WASTED?! Awww. Dang. I get your point. But you got it, so it's not entirely wasted, you Philosopher, you lover of wisdom, you! Didn't you write your PHD on Descartes?

    I'm glad you like the drawings and character designs. I like the devil, he is creepy and disturbing and weird - hard to do. Sometimes I just let my pencil go and see what happens which can lead to odd lines etc. I'm sure you know that trick.

    I am glad the shading worked for you. I like that rough shading, but I am aware it can be too busy at times, and maybe distractinating.

    Long form. HA!! 'Splosions. Riiiight, uh huh! In the immortal words of Kant... "Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind. And don't get me started about comic books!"

  4. Oh yeah?

    Well, in the immortal words of Michael Bay - "Get those explosions in there or you're fired!"

    He said it. He did.

    Illustrated Ghost

  5. I bet he said it to Bumblebee, and look what he got. Starring roll, but... ouch!

  6. Yeah, I guess Kant was better than Bay...

    Illustrated Ghost


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