Tuesday 1 August 2017

Ok, Mr Illustrated Ghost, here you go.  It ain't much, but it's something.

I haven't drawn in a few weeks, maybe months and I was thinking, "I gotta draw something, I gotta get back on the horse" as it were, that, and you asked for something... ANYTHING!!! So I just started drawing arcs with a pen. A pretty cheap and not remarkable pen on a scrap of lined paper. 

Why am I making so much about a cheap pen? For me, there's something ideal about cheap materials - a notebook's lined paper, especially a pad as opposed to a piece of paper on a hard surface - not so soft and I don't like that much because the lines are too sharp and the pen moves too fast. Great for drawing nice flowing lines but the pen can get out of control too easily. Junky pens are great and even better when they smudge. I did the colour in this one with a couple Sharpie markers - the blue one was dying, which is always sweet. Dying markers have texture and the colour is softer. Love it.

But about the drawing itself. The legs on the... dragon?! are pretty funny. I did two, then two more and it seemed to just need more and more. Seven limbs would have been better than eight, I'll try that next time. The limbs are arranged in an interesting way in that there is a rhythm and a flow to them. Also, it sort of feels like you're seeing a progression of movement in the limbs, as if each is doing the same as the other, just offset in time (Bryan Hitch taught us that trick!) . Every dragon needs wings, and the rough textured wings match the fish-like tail nicely. The mouth is pretty ugly, sort of like the mouth on aStar Wars Sand Person. I think the nose is also pretty funny. Quite the red schnoz.  

Anyway, giddy-up. Comments?


  1. You're back!

    With loose, flowing lines!

    And colour!

    Maybe you're freed up and loose due to your move to the west coast?!!

    Nice drawing. Nice flow and rhythm. Funny, I didn't see the face the right way until after I read your blurb. I saw it - and still see it - as a profile view, with the three little fins on the top of the head and the "schnoz" actually being a red cheek.

    Aaaaand - you touched on something sacred to all pen and paper people. A dying marker is the greatest artistic tool in the world. SUCH a great thing to have -- and so fleeting!

  2. That blue marker was especially fleeting, so much so I had to run it under the water tap for a moment to re-energize it.

    Glad you liked the drawing, and colour!!

  3. You ran it under the tap?!!!

    I've never gone that far. I usually breathe on it, long and hard, to moisten it up. It kinda works. Kinda...

  4. You breathe on your markers?! Like some creep might do on some poor innocent young thing in a dark theatre? YUK. Poor marker.

    I just lick 'em.

  5. This blog has taken a dark, controversial tone...

    ... I like it!


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