Thursday 11 August 2016

Sci-Fi Hookah Pipe

Oh man, it has been SOOOOO long since I've posted a new entry, I almost forget how to do it.  Sorry to all my faithful visitors (Mr. Illustrated Ghost) for my absence.  I'll try to get back into doing this regular like.  I could give excuses, but that's boring and doesn't help anything.

So let's talk about this drawing.  Who is this guy? What's it about? Where'd it come from? I've been reading the Incal by Moebius and Jodorowsky. The drawings are of course, totally amazing. I love the clean lines and the imaginative places, spaces and costumes, and the characters, so I thought I'd dash something off that might fit in there somehow. 

I like this guy's posture - sort of slouchy and how he's got a bit of a gut and fatty neck. I also like the familiar things twisted a bit like the thing he's smoking. it's a bit like a hookah pipe but this one floats or hovers. I tried to draw the bottles below suspended under a 3 rotor copter. The guy's pants have different fabric or material sewn into the crotch area 'cause he's probably got an air-scooter just out around the corner and riding that for hours can chafe. I like his glasses too - huge ugly things that belong on Mrs. Doubtfire (remember her, Mr. Ghost?!) but maybe these ones have some heads up display projected into the glass and a larger surface is better.

I realised when doing this drawing that I like imagining these things that you don't necessarily see. It helps to make it more convincing, to add depth to the concept, but it also makes me want to explore that further, show more to the audience. If only I could do more, draw more, maybe tell a story with it or ... I dunno, turn it into something instead of it just being a one off, like a draw on a sci-fi hookah pipe!

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  1. So great to have you back in action!

    Nice drawing!

    Yes, you really should explore this guy and his world further. I'd love to see more -- especially that air-scooter that's just around the corner!


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