Sunday 4 October 2015

Bug Eyes

It's been a while since my last posting during which my Christine put together a collection of these cartoons into a little book. It's pretty gratifying to see all of them (all 18!!) in one place. I can appreciate how much I've done and also how much better they have become. A huge pile of gratitude must go out to Mr. Illustrated Ghost for helping me make these better and better. Your constructive criticism and suggestions have REALLY helped. While the quality of the jokes has been quite varied,the first cartoons were only black line drawings with a computer font. They looked ok, but they look tonnes better now. THANKS MAN!!

Ok, about this one...

You can see the joke was pretty well envisioned in the rough stage. Initially I didn't have any bugs in the drawing, but then I thought of sticking them in which really helps make the thing funnier. I've always known that big eyes make a character cuter, but when I inked the Mealybug's eyes, I inked them with little pupils (see the second from the left). It could be interpreted that the bugs are taking her hostage or somehow being threatening. I thought they should be worried for their own safety and feeling vulnerable, so by giving them bigger eyes, the effect was achieved.

The Schwarzenegger-like military dude looks suitably tough, beefy and frightening.  I like how one eye looks squinty and the other is wide with rage. I was a little concerned that with recent violent episodes in the news, showing someone with a gun would offend an audience, but I decided to do it anyway. The joke required a scary looking gun.

Well, another 3 1/2 weeks another American Orchid Society Cartoon! Thanks Christine and Mr. Ghost for all your help and support. Mealybugs everywhere could wish for such kindness and help you both have given me!


  1. Another great cartoon. You get the extreme action of the tough guy and the nervousness of the woman and those cute, little bugs. Nice!

    And... I've been nice and a big help to you? Me?!!

    Would a nice, helpful guy tell you that - great as it is - your cartoon could be better? Would a nice, helpful guy tell you that you should have kept the strong jawline on the Arnie character and that the woman's comment really should end with a "..."?

    Huhn, huhn?!!

    I didn't think so!

  2. Yes... a nice guy would probably say all those things. When you see him, say thanks for me.

    Har har!

  3. D'oh! You are just too nice!

    Can't... take... it...!

  4. Good morning. I just thought of something that you HAVE to try adding to your cartoons. It'll be really hard but it's something that every big cartoonist does now, on even daily strips.

    Are you ready?

    Brace yourself...


  5. You are trying to kill me, aren't you?!

  6. You know it's the next logical step. Imagine how much it'd make your orchid cartoons pop.

    And... yes, I'm trying to kill you.


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