Friday 12 June 2015

Studio Names

These are logos for a a fictional animation studio in one of my stories, drawn, as you can see, on archive quality Canadian Revenue Agency envelopes.

Tell me which you like, or even better, tell me if you can think up a better name or image or logo. Like most animation studios, it probably should have "toon" or something in the name to suggest animation. Some (already used) names are "Neptoon Studios" and "Adam-ation". 

The dinosaur/gator on the right - "Spoon Toons" - is a reach I know, but on the other hand, just a goofy character would do. 

C'mon, let me hear your ideas, and yes... I might steal the best one!  


  1. This is tough. "Sp-toon" is pretty funny, but the way you've spelled it, makes it a bit awkward -- but it's really funny. The monster is fantastic and fun...

    I can't decide. They're both really good. And I can't think of a new or funnier "toon" name. All I can think is "sp-toon", "sp-toon", over and over -- it's stuck in my head!

    So maybe that's all you need - "Sp-toon"!

    (Sorry, I really wasn't any help at all, was I?)

  2. I was trying to make the gob of spit be like an apostrophe ("sp'toon") but now I see that the object is spelled "spittoon", so perhaps I need another "T" in there.

    I'd hate to see what sort of cartoons they make there, unless they are like Ren & Stimpy, in which case I'd HATE to see those cartoons... JOKING. I love them guys!

  3. After careful re-evaluation, I'd say nah, forget the extra "t" -- the spelling is fine the way it is.


Thanks for your input!