Thursday 4 September 2014

Going Down

While this isn't from "The Unspeakable", I thought I'd post it anyway.  

As you look at it, from top left down to bottom right is the order in which I drew it.  I enjoyed the "animated" quality, the playing out as the guy moves deeper into the cavern.  As I was drawing it, I was wondering "What's he going to see, what'll he find?"  I hope you get that it is one person, not a bunch of people walking in single file, but let me know if you do, and how I can make sure it's not "read" that way.

Maybe I've said this before, but I've got a little problem... ok, BIG problem with most brushes in Photoshop.  They are so definite.  I do most of my roughs in blue pencil, and I don't press hard.  In Photoshop, most of the brushes say "I'M INK!!!"  unlike the one used above.  It's got that great charcoal or crayon texture, and it somehow suits my drawing style.  I'd like to do all my inking with this brush as I am most comfortable with it.  I wish there were a way to ink something with one brush and then select all the strokes, hit a button and change them all from one brush style to another.  Alas...

EXTRA EXTRA!!! This just in!

Based on the feedback from the post as it was after the "Alas...", I've done a little change.  Check it out.

As you can see, I've intersected one figure with another to help suggest they are the same guy (medium sized figure's left hand intersecting close up figure's forehead).  I think that helps but I'd need to do more of this on the other smaller figures to hit the idea home. 

There was also the question about why the bottom most figure was so small.  Good question.  Practically, I was running out of page space and wanted to get the figure and what he was seeing on the same page!  I think it's better to do a closer over-the-shoulder sort of view, which again communicates that we're watching one person's movement and action throughout, not a line of figures and increases the drama a bit.

Thanks again for your comments, Mr. Ghost, Illust.!!  You're making my work (and this blog) better!


  1. James,

    Sorry to say, but this does read to me like a bunch of people, rather than one person. If you made the background people fainter or if you used different, less detailed line work on them, you might get the effect you're looking for.

    I also wonder about that little guy in the foreground right. Is he the same person? Why is he so small?

    Those are my only pesky problems with it. Otherwise, it's a very nice drawing. The brush you used is so natural that I had no idea it was computer. I love the progression with the figures and the vague destination hints at a special treasure but one that we've got to imagine -- which is the best way to go. I love that! I also love the circular mouth to the cave. Very dramatic!

  2. Thanks Illustrated Ghost! Great comments... I've updated the last post to speak to your suggestions.


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