Wednesday 25 June 2014

My Editorial

Ever watch the news and groan to yourself and lament the state of the world?

Groan no more, take up a pen (pencil, brush, spray can, double edged butterfly knife - your choice) and express your frustration like I tried to do with this one.

During the dog walk I thought about the composition, and tried to nail down the dialogue.  You can see the final didn't change much from the original sketch, but little things did.  I made the 2nd speaker a woman and changed her hand gesture because women don't point with their thumbs, don'tcha know?!  Actually I didn't think such a gesture was very feminine.  I spent some time on the two other roughs (with two characters each) because I'm working on a new style (best achieved with the cameraman) and also since I'm not 100% confident drawing on a Cintiq, I figured that good, well thought out roughs would help the inking.

30 - 45 minutes of roughs, and about 3 hours of inking and there you go.  Now I need to figure out who to send this to!

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