Monday 19 May 2014

Game On

These are some drawings done in preparation for modelling a video game character.  They are numbered in the order in which they were completed. 

Clearly I wanted to do a tough sort of military man, some tough bruiser you wouldn't want to mess with.  After doing the first two drawings (at the top of the page), thinking about them, looking at images of existing video game characters what with all their tech and weapons, I could see my designs weren't at all near the level they need to be, even in this design stage.  I think my brother-in-law said it best...

"If I were you, I'd load that guy up with a ton of weaponry. You know, a huge machine gun over his shoulder and the belt feed thingie slung over that shoulder as well. Maybe some cool logo on his shirt?" 

I think his last comment was probably the best.  I'll try to incorporate this suggestion in the next drawings. Anyway, he said...

"Just make him look meaner and more accessorized. But the big thing? The big thing is you've gotta give him more attitude."

Thanks, Man.  You're totally right!

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